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Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I must be like this because I'm a fool.
It seems alright even when I'm hurt.
Even when I'm teased about my painful love.
It doesn't matter because I'm a fool.
I was good to him because I wanted to be.
I was happy with just that.
If he smiles just once.
I'm happy with that smile.
Until the day that his love will come.
I'll just stay by his side like this.
Because this is a love that I'm happy giving.
I don't expect anything in return.
A place from where I can reach him if he holds out his hand.
A place from where I can hear him if he calls to me.
I'll stay there without changing because I love him.
Because he was the one I choose.
Even the pain made me happy.
If he looks back at me just once,
I'm happy with that.
Until someone else to watch over him in my place arrives.
I'll stay by his side for the mean time.
Because this is a love where I'm just happy to gaze at him.
I don't mean anything in return.
So that he can lean on me and rest any time.
I'll always appear the same.
Even if he leaves me without saying goodbye.
I'll let him go and say thank you.
The love can wait and goes on through it won't receive anything in return :')

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