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Tuesday, 12 July 2011


In the hot summers days, I'll become your shadow.
In the raining days, I'll become your umbrella.
When you're tired from walking, I'll even become a small chair.
When you laugh, we will laugh together so that your happiness doubles.
When your tears flow, I'll become a handkerchief and wipe them away.

We go together like coffee and donut.
Giving me a joy, you are my special chip.
If you lack energy day by day, it's an emergency.
Your sweet scent filling me with life.
My love that I leave hidden every single day.
When we are together, I'll show it all.

I will promise you, wherever I am I'll remember only you.
I will promise you, whatever I do I'll remember only you.
I will live forever with you engraved in my heart.

I love you, remember these words, I love you forever.

I will promise you, just do it boy,
I love you, what words do you need?
Through my thumping heart I'll answer you.

One step Two step Three and Four,
I will go slowly to your side.

This mouth can't say words of farewell.
I take your love my dear.

I will promise you, I'll live with my eyes filled only with you.
I will promise you, I'll live with my arms holding you.
When I wake up and until the moment I go to sleep, I'll yearn only for you.


  1. amboi..panjang berjela !
    sikit2 dah lahh..
    pnat wo baca !

  2. sejak bile reti buat poem pasal cinta ni??
    lagi satu..bole tlg buang tak verification nie..serabut la.

  3. panjang ke ?
    HAHA !
    sejak bila pandai ?
    sejak , sejak , sejak .
    xtau la .
    sejak jiwang kot .
    HEHE !